English 3B: American Literature and Composition
Independent Reading Project

Each Friday during the semester until spring break, you will be given time for sustained silent reading (SSR). At the conclusion of each SSR session, you will be required to complete a reading log. After completing your reading log, I may ask you to briefly share what you have read with a partner, in a small group, or with the entire class. When you finish reading a book, you will need to complete a section of the reading log for the book that you have read.

By Monday, April 2, 2012 (the day after spring break), you will be required to complete and turn in at least one independent reading project for a book that you have read in its entirety. You may earn extra credit for completing additional independent reading books and projects. While you have until Monday, April 2, 2012, to complete the reading log entry and the independent reading project for the book that you have read, please complete and submit both the independent reading log entry and the independent reading project as soon as you finish reading your book.
Independent Reading Projects

Directions: Select one project option for the book you read. Make sure you complete all aspects of the project.

  • Create a storyboard or comic strip, consisting of at least ten frames, that thoroughly illustrates the important features of the novel. Each frame must contain not only a picture but also a typed caption of at least one paragraph that explains the picture.
  • Create a three-dimensional model (a diorama, a Cornell box, a mobile, etc.) that thoroughly illustrates the important features of the novel. Attach a typed explanation of how the model illustrates the important features of the novel. The typed explanation needs to be at least two pages, double spaced, and written in a legible font style (e.g., Times New Roman) and size (e.g., 10-12).
  • Perform oral readings (at least five) of important passages (at least one page each) from the novel. You will need to type a one-page explanation of the significance of each passage, read each passage in front of the class, and share your explanation of its significance.
  • Create a movie poster, soundtrack, and CD jacket with a playlist of at least ten songs that thoroughly illustrate the important features of the novel. For this project, you will also be required to write lyrics for at least three songs and then perform at least one song from the playlist.
  • Create a newspaper that thoroughly illustrates the features of the novel. The newspaper must include the following sections:
  1. Front Page: The first page of a newspaper includes the title, the folio (date, volume number, and price), and all the publication information, the index, and the main stories that will capture the most attention. The major story of the day will be placed in the most prominent position and contain a large, bold-faced headline. The topic could be of a national scope or it could be a local story.
  2. News Articles(at least five): News articles report on events that have taken place. Articles include a byline (the writer’s name), text, photo, and caption. Typically, newspaper articles that appear closest to the front page or within the first section are those that editors consider to be the most important and relevant to their readers.
  3. Feature Articles(at least three): Feature articles report about issues, people, and events with added depth and more background details.
  4. Editorials(at least two): Editorials are articles written by the editorial staff from specific perspectives. Editorials will offer the newspaper's view of issues. In other words, they are opinion pieces, not objective reports.
  5. Editorial Cartoons(at least one): Editorial cartoons offer opinions and convey a messages about important issues in an amusing, entertaining, and emotional visual depiction.
  6. Advertisements(at least three): Advertisements are sections that are purchased and designed for selling products or ideas. Some advertisements are obvious, but some can be mistaken for articles. All advertisements should be labeled.

Independent Reading Project Rubric

Accuracy of Analysis

Depth of Analysis

Thoroughness of Analysis

Clear and Coherent Presentation of Ideas

Creativity and Craftsmanship


Independent Reading Weekly Progress Chart:

Independent Reading Log: